Clay Sydney Tools are created by Clay Sydney, Australia’s largest public pottery studio located in sunny Sydney, on Gadigal land.

Our story

For years, we tried to source great pottery tools for our studios. With hundreds of students passing through our doors every week, you’d think if anyone would know what makes a good tool, it would be this bunch of tools. 

Our needs were simple:  a collection of tools that produce the goods, are easy to use, and stands up to a beating that only clay can dish out. Sure, there’s a few tools out there that tick those boxes, but when we looked closer at how they were manufactured, they’d come up short. 

As a studio, we are committed to treading lightly on this World. Our electricity is 100% renewable energy.  We recycle every possible scrap of clay, our couriers are carbon neutral, and we work with our suppliers to ensure we’re sourcing responsibly. 

When it came to tools, we couldn’t find anything that was treating our beautiful World how she deserves to be treated. 

So we popped our thinking caps on, and Clay Sydney Tools was born. 


Working with our pals at Defy Designs, we take HDPE (high density polyurethane) plastic waste, diverting it away from landfill, or from environmental pollution. It’s sorted, cleaned, shredded, and then heated under pressure to form huge sheets. 

We then turn it into our pottery tools, giving the plastic a new life and contributing to the circular economy.

Every single one is unique, helping you to create incredible works easily, while treading lightly on this world.